Tuning Tip of the Day

If you have a piano and need it to be tuned, you can probably trust a guy named Ron Sharp. Chances are your piano won't be flat. :-)


Jay said…
Actually, I officially recant this tip! And I will add Ron Sharp to the decommended list at my earliest convenience! Turns out Mr. Sharp comes up flat in the customer service department. I received literally the rudest message ever from him, and opted to go with someone else. Allegedly he had tried calling me back to set up an appointment, but didn't leave a message, then left this message: "Jason, this is Ron Sharp; it's about the 10th time I've called you and I will NOT call back. I don't want to mess with your upright, so find someone else to do it...CLICK" Jerk! The first time I talked to him, he was grumpy and pessimistic, so don't use Ron Sharp.
Pete said…
That's why I say on my voicemail. "If you leave a message I'll call you back"

Non-message-leavers who expect you to know it was an important phone call are well, I don't know what they are, we'll just call them flat.

Important/Want to be called back = Leave a message
Jay said…
Right on, Pete! If you are a no-message-caller, MAYBE I'll notice I had a missed call, or maybe my phone was off, or on the other line. Either way, I will not know you want me to call you back, unless you leave a message. "Don't Be That Guy."
Jay said…
On a happier note--haha, get it, "note?" I did have Norman Colvin come on out to tune my piano, and he did a fine job! Very pleasant, and good know-how, he had my very out-of-tune piano in great shape in about an hour. My only complaint is that he showed up 40 minutes early! I guess he brings a new meaning to punctual. I'll add him to our recommend list!

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