Free ROOT BEER FLOAT Tip of the Day

Editors' note: We wanted to get this tip up early so you can take advantage of this great tip!

Summertime is the perfect time to play Pinky and the Fonz.

Grab your baby, load your Ipod with 50's tunes, and head on over to Sonic for a cheap date at the drive-in.

Thursday, June 7 Sonic is giving away free root beer floats from 8pm-midnight.

Just be careful about making out in your car, it is a family-oriented restaurant!
Perhaps you should head out to Lookout-Point, or behind the Cunningham's house.

For more details and restaurant locations check out their site.


Anonymous said…
I had a sonic rootbeer float yesterday and it was quite tasty! I recommend everyone to take advantage of it.

Pete said…
I talked to the car hop dude this morning was I was getting my awesome breakfast burrito this morning, and he said it was crazy there last night. They gave away over 1,000 floats.
Jay said…
I also enjoyed my delicious float at about 11:22 pm last night! Mmmm. Tasty!

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