Travel to Europe Part V

Here are some miscellaneous tips for traveling:
  • Don't lean back in your chair in coach, especially on long flights. It cramps the poor person behind you who is cursing at you under her breath. These seats weren't really made for reclining. That extra 1.5 inches you gain feels like 12 ft lost to the person behind you. Be kind, don't recline.
  • Fanny packs should be neutral colors (tip by Clarissa). Fanny packs are very useful while traveling. If you are going to forgo fashion for the sake of convenience, at least choose a color that does not make you stand out, like black, brown, beige, etc.
  • Be prepared to pay for the use of a bathroom. Most of the time you can get away with finding a free one, but sometimes you must pay the piper. Hence, the quote, "I feel like I should stay in here until I have to go again."
  • If you decide to go on a military post while overseas, prepare to spend the rest of your life there. They need your passport, DNA, blood analysis, 5 references, 7 forms filled in triplicate, your genealogy to the fourth generation, and the pledge of your first born. It's probably not worth the time and energy.


Jay said…
Here, here on the seat reclining. I almost NEVER recline because I feel like it's SOOO rude. As a bonus tip, if the person in front of you decides it'd be fun to recline, you can always push your knees up against the seat back to prevent them from doing so. If they still find a way to make it happen, intentionally kick their seat periodically to let them know just how cramped it really is...

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