Driving in Germany Tip of the Day Part 5

Speed limit going from 130 to 100 on a rainy day? A recommended speed of 130? Yes, I said that. Just remember that speed limits in Germany, where they drive on the right side of the road (it's England that drives on the left), are in km/h, not mph. So, 100 really means 62. And, 130 is around 80. So, it's really not quite as fast as you'd think. It's also interesting looking at cars without American specifications, as they always tell you how many kilometers are on the car, and how many kilometers you get per liter of gas. Prices of gas are insane. They look great when you get here...€1.35 for regular fuel. But, that's Euro's per liter. So, you're looking at $6.84 gallon. Feel lucky when you go to the pump today! I hear Italy had a week long gas strike last week! And, I don't want to drive in England where the dollar is doing even worse!


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