Lame Tips of the Day

So "The Nest", a magazine given to people who registered for while they were planning their wedding, looks interesting on the cover, but always proves to be less then so once you really read the articles. For example, they have an article about how to "fake a fabulous party". Take a gander at these lame "tips" and our commentary:
  • "Buy French fries from your favorite take-out place just before the party" - Yum, everyone likes cold limp French fries. Serious, the slow eaters of the world know that they should eat their fries before their burger aka. while they are still good.
  • "Buy freshly made cookies from a bakery…and, yes, say you baked them yourself" - All your fiends love a little dishonesty for dessert. Want to make them really excited about cookie, rip open a bag of Oreos, and have plenty of milk on hand!
  • "Use store-bought Caesar salad dressing instead of making it yourself" - That's not a tip, that's what 99% of party planners do anyway. The real tip: put it in a gravy boat so it actually looks like you are pretending to make your own. Then tell all your friends what you did, it will make for a great laugh.
  • "Use 20 onces of forzen winter squash in lieu of fresh squash" - Now that is a tip! I didn't even know you could buy frozen squash, but I guess it makes sense, you can buy frozen anything.
How about this idea? Have a party where your friends will feel welcome and can be themselves and not have to put up a front to try to impress everyone else there. A time where friends can be friends, where you can laugh and chat and remember what a blessing you are all to each other. Now that is a fabulous party!


CGrim said…
"All your fiends love a little dishonesty for dessert."

Amanda said…
Another reason not to lie (other than the fact that it is wrong) is that you can often get caught. "Hey, these cookies are amazing!!! Can I get the recipe?" You reply,", it's a secret family recipe. I'm not allowed to give it away." Another guest says, "I've seen some just like it at Magee's"...BUSTED!
Jay said…
Man, that is SO lame! If soggy french fries and pranks about making your own caesar dressing are the highlight of the party, then they MUST think married people are a total bore! :-)

Lame is exactly what this is.
Unknown said…
maybe their marriages are a total bore.

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