PDA Tip of the Day 2

No Groping. You don't have to be touching the entire time you are together. An arm around the shoulder or holding a hand is fine, but aware of how your actions may distract others. In church last week, there was a man who kept rubbing his wife's shoulder. This would have been ok if she wasn't wearing a down jacket. Every movement made an annoying swishy noise. I'm trying to pay attention to the sermon and all I hear is "swish, swish, swish." It's also weird to play with hair and massage backs and necks in public. Keep movement to a minimum.


CGrim said…
Also, churches have baptism, which is just like watching people bathe together!

*dramatic music* dun, dun, DUNNNN
JCo said…
Even when ladies play with their own hair you can't help but watch which distracts from whatever you should be watching. I agree with keeping movement to a minimum.
Amanda said…
Who wears a white robe or hawaiian shirt in the bathtub??? That's just weird.

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