Frost Tip of the Day

This may not apply for today, if you're having a warm spell like we're having here in Kentucky (or ever if you live in Florida) But during this time of year there is Wintery weather, and no one wants to have to scrape their car in the morning. Well not all of us have spots in the garage, so its a necessary evil. Except on sunny mornings. Park you car facing east, so that if the sun pokes out its lovely head in the morning, it will start the melt the frost on your windshield. Now you can take that five extra minutes you were going to spend scraping and sleep in!


CGrim said…
this works, too - I do it whenever I can

another trick is to turn on "defrost" right before you take the cars out of the ignition at night. this will open up the defrost vents, and will let the slightly-warmer air from the engine area caress your windshield lovingly all night.
Jay said…
I personally hate to "scrap" my car as well :-)
Pete said…
Ok, I fixed it.

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