Euphemism Tip of the Day

Jumping Jehoshaphat! Who knew that just about all of the "minced oaths," a sub-group of euphemisms used to avoid swearing when expressing surprise or annoyance, mean what they really mean? Well, some of them (Cheese and Rice, for example) are pretty obvious. Here's a sampling, and please excuse my expressions as I present them as examples:

Jeepers Creepers --> Jesus Christ
For Pete's sake --> For St. Peter's sake
Sacré bleu --> Sang de Dieu (God's blood)
See them all here:

For all of you users with firewalls, there are a few "choice words" on this site, so browse with caution! As for the tip...well, it's up to you how to respond, but it might give you pause the next time you say "Cor Blimey!"--Courtesy of Odessa


Jay said…
Where did "lickety split" come from? I had a gym teacher in middle school called "Skip Lichty" which sounds like you're not able to say "lickety split" properly.
Pete said…
Now I'm going to challenge Jeepers Creepers. That's a scary term. ("Creep") And Jeeper's Creeper's isn't used in the same context that using the Lord's name in vein would be.
Kris said…
I second your challenge, Peter. You guys should hear some of the words my kids use to keep from swearing in class..."bleach!", "formula unit!", "Avegadro's Mole!", or the last one could be shortened to A-mole, but you get the point...
JCo said…
I think it is more the context you use the word that makes it a naughty word? I can say "Oh s*#%t" or "Oh poop" and be expressing the same emotion therefore does it really matter what word I put in there? I am still expressing the same emotion. Who invented swear words anyway?
CGrim said…
where's "frakkin"?

as for "jeepers creepers," I have heard it in the context that the website describes, which could apply to a scary situation, as well.

*zombie rottweiler jumps through window*
"Jeepers Creepers!"
Anonymous said…
I've been wondering who invented swear words for a long time and no one has been able to answer my question yet

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