Sweater Tip of the Day

You really should wear another shirt under your sweater. Especially wool sweaters

Bonus tip: Did you know, if typing properly (ie. not hunt and peck) that you can type "sweaters" using only your left hand? The same goes for "star wars".


Amanda said…
fat tar war saw was create great degrade grade restate treat retreat grate berate brag trade wade swerve free wax rate crate...all with the left hand...who can make the longest word?
JCo said…
jill hum nun joy kill loon pop lip him jolly holly polly...with the right hand. So which hand gets the b key?
CGrim said…
I think my right hand hits the "t" in sweaters

I never learned "proper" typing, and just picked it up through constant use, so my hands just sorta go where they want to go without thinking about it. it's like improv typing :)
CGrim said…
Pete said…
Ya, the T does go to the left hand.B is a bit more tricky, but I would vote that on the left hand as well.

I bet that the left hand can type more longer words than the right hand. A, E, S and T are just too darn useful.

Now, for the real tip, did anyone watch that video? It's hilarious!
Amanda said…
B and T are both with left hand. I agree that left can do more words than right, but opium is all right :).
JCo said…
:-) Nicely played Amanda.
CGrim said…
yeah, Peter I agree - I usually get T and B with my right hand.

I dont think the proper typing is very efficient. but I guess that's why they call it "proper" I suppose

like how "proper" etiquette usually means you're gonna spend an extra 15-20 minutes per meal picking up or setting down silverware
Jay said…
All this talk of typing reminds me of my favorite game, TYPER SHARK, aka, the only video game I'm good at! This great game tests and improves your typing speed. Type the words on the sharks before they eat you. My best score was 120 wpm. Years of IM'ing and required 6th grade typing class helped me get faster!

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