Double-Dipper-Groundhog Tip of the Day

That's right folks, today is a bi-partisan tip. Two for one! Our first tip is to look down a few paragraph's to Andy's "Katrina Tip of the Day" and please, do yourselves a favor and click on the links to images. Funny stuff. Second tip is to re-read Peter's Groundhog Day Tip from last year. Happy Groundhog Day!


Pete said…
I heard that this year, when Punxsutawney Phil stuck his head out, he didn't see his shadow, he actually saw Jerome Bettis' shadow.

The other sub tip, is to read the comments on last year's Groundhog Day tip, pretty good stuff.
Jay said…
That is a scary shadow to see.
Odessa said…
Happy Groundhog day!!! Thats right, I am one of those maniacs that LOVE the holiday, and whilst practicing my groundhogese I discovered that there is a whole company that is just as wacky....check out vaseline lotion page(it was linked on THE groundhog site The company that even has groundhog games(with a trophy icon) :
Btw, you will find fun stuff if you check out Have great day!
Odessa said…
OH goody... you need to post this as your sound clip of the day!

dont worry it is short :)
Jay said…
I personally think the website is disturbing! (Moist is a gross word.) However, their use of clever and suggestive language actually uses sex to sell moisturizing cream. Interesting! In other news, ODESSA! Welcome back. O, how we've missed you!!!

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