Dating Online Tip of the Day

If you are trying to impress potential dates, don't use your mug shot as your profile photo.
Mug Shot
You never know, they might randomly select your picture for a predominately placed ad on the web somewhere.


Kris said…
I guess that's not the only type of picture you shouldn't use! What about those old pictures from High School? Or perhaps we should all just do glamour shots...then no one would recognize you when you went to meet them, and you could have plenty of time to scout them out and decide if you were going to stand them up.
CGrim said…
happy valentines day, tipsters

Jules said…
ha, andy you beat me to it (by about 8 hours - DARNIT). seriously, i was just surfing, delaying the inevitable (bedtime) and when i hit tip of the day, i thought, i should tell everyone happy V day on today's tip before it's over.

here i am, a day late and a buck short. and fresh out of bad cliches.

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