Fitness Tip of the Day

Anyone else look at the weather channel to decide what to wear when running outside? The has a fitness comfort index for your running pleasure.

Do you plan your workouts around the weather?
While everyone has their own definition of optimum workout weather, a few parameters -- temperature, precipitation and humidity -- can be used to determine how comfortable it is for exercising outdoors. The Fitness Comfort Index is based on these parameters and was created to help you identify the best time to exercise.

The scale for the Fitness Comfort Index is as follows:
10-8: Most Comfortable
7-4: Moderately Comfortable
3-1: Uncomfortable


Jules said…
This is helpful Kris. Although I have my own special internal "comfort meter," I'll probably check this from time to time, just to see if the Weather Channel agrees with me.
Kris said…
Eh, just nice for those of us who work indoors all day with no windows or access to the outside...then I can make plans by noon and get myself psyched for a run, or plan to do something else.

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