Torino Tip of the Day V

If you're in a foreign country, and your SIM card in your temporary cellphone goes bad, and you have to try to explain, in a foreign language that you don't know, that your SIM card is bad, but you want to keep your same cellphone number, you should just not even try. You and everyone around you will become so confused and people will actually forget what a SIM card even is. And they'll send you to a Tabbacheria to buy loose women, tic-tacs and deodorant, all the while inviting you to have a spontaneous cuddle party.


Anonymous said…
Or you could just run your questions through one of those nifty English to Italian translation websites! But then you run the risk that "I need a new SIM card but would like to keep my old number" translates thus:
The need to new brokerage house card, but the would like to keep my old number
Anonymous said…
i like how you incorperated all of the Torino tips in one
JCo said…
Anyone know what SIM stands for?
CGrim said…
Singing In Memphis

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