Stupid Microsoft Tip of the Day

Unfortunately even us Mac users are sometimes forced to work under the tutelage of Microsoft products. And one of the most annoying things for me is when Microsoft THINKS it knows (better than I do) what I'm trying to type. For instance, if I want to type a web address in my email client, Entourage (at work) it ALWAYS wants to capitalize the first "W." Another example is if I want to pluralize the word "CD," it should read "CDs" but Microsoft wants it to read "Cds." My favorite is if you ever type "Dear So-and-so," it will say, "It looks like you're trying to write a letter. Do you need help?" So, I recently discovered a work around, that some of you may know. If at any time Microsoft second-guesses your human ability to reason, immediately hit "Command-Z" (CTRL-Z on PC) to Edit>Undo. It will basically undo the stupid correction Bill Gates tried to make. Does anyone else find it mildly insulting that someone would program our computers to know better than us what we want to do?


Anonymous said…
If you go to the "Tools" menu and select "AutoCorrect options", go through all the tabs and select or deselect the things you want it to correct or not.

Some things are legitimate, like fixing TWo CApital letters at the BEginning of words, or changing "hte" to "the" or adding spaces betweenwords if youforget. But there's a lot of annoying things that you can easily turn off while leaving the useful ones on.
Pete said…
Thanks Andy! I definitely use the "hte" feature tons, and will leave that one!
Jules said…
Hey, me and the "tutelage" guy have the same shoes. Why am I suddenly embarrassed? And who else thinks that might be Ken Pickerill?

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