Rehydration Tip of the Day

When traveling via plane, you may notice that despite your best efforts to drink plenty of water, you still can't quite find it in your bladder to urinate. My theory is that it's because your skin dries out due to the lack of humidity in the stale recycled airplane air. Delta Airlines recommends washing your hands and soaking them in water to help you rehydrate, but I found a better idea, tested just for our Tip-reading audience. According to people who are smart, your skin is actually the largest organ in (well, I guess ON) your body. So, if it dries out, it's gonna take a LOT of water to replenish it. So, take a bath! I did this, and found that that night I woke up not once, not twice, but THRICE to urinate. TMI? Maybe so, but you will thank me when your supple skin can retain its moisture.


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