Breakfast Tip O Da Day

For those of you who eat instant oatmeal, I have found that if you add a Hershey Kiss or Mini Reese Peanut Butter Cup to your bowl and stir it really livens the oatmeal up. :-) Sometimes I even add two or maybe even three to get the nice chocolate/peanut butter flavor. Go ahead give it a will never go back to plain old oatmeal again.


Anonymous said…
I bet a bag of Reeses Pieces would work well, too.

And if you're not looking forward to bland toast, just try some jam on that leftover Angel Food Cake.

Not a fan of cereal? Buy a bag of Chex Mix! (It's got bagel bits in it too...)

French fries are basically hash browns, and Orange soda is probably close to Orange juice.

And get your Milk and Eggs and fruit out of the way with a nice lemon meringue pie :)

Don't miss the bacon, or the biscuits with sausage gravy, though...
Jay said…
Andy's breakfast selection sounds awful close to Clucker's Corner's™ "The Mother Clucker" breakfast special! I will undoubtedly try the chocolate/PB tip. That sounds amazing. "Like Heaven in a Bowl."

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