How to Make Sweet Tea

A visual guide to make a gallon of sweet tea:

Step 1: Buy Big tea bags:
Buy Big tea bags

Step 2: Put 2 tea bags in water:
Put 2 tea bags in water

Step 3: Boil water to make tea:
Boil water

Step 4: Pour hot tea into pitcher:
Pour hot tea into pitcher

Repeat steps 2 through 4 with the same 2 tea bags. Or if you only want to do these steps once, use 3 tea bags.

Step 5: Add lots of sugar:
1 cup is equivalent to Kentucky. For more northern sweet tea add less, for more southern sweet tea add more. Lots more. Be sure to visit your dentist often.
Put 2 tea bags in water

Step 6: Add ice (get it? Iced tea):
Add ice

Step 7: Stir sugar, ice and tea together:

Step 8: (Not pictured) add enough cold water to top it off.

Step 9: Invite me over


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