22 Funny Triathlon Team Names

Looking for an awesome name for your relay triathlon team? Aren't afraid of a bad pun, here are a few team name ideas:

  1. Pretty Fly for a Tri Guy
  2. I Spy with my Little Tri
  3. Tri Not to Die
  4. Spry
  5. Aye aye Caption Tri
  6. High PSI
  7. Try 2 Vie
  8. Trilobites
  9. Bye Bye Miss American Tri
  10. Rock a Tri Baby
  11. It ain't no lie
  12. Tri me to the moon
  13. I just want to Tri
  14. Tri by night
  15. I believe I can Tri 
  16. Born to Tri 
  17. Learning to Tri
  18. Small Fry
  19. Quasi Tri
  20. Tri as we might
  21. We're so Trired
  22. Tritops


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