Facebook Tip of the Day

If you check your Facebook account regularly you may have discovered that Facebook has forced most of its users on its new layout. Find the new Facebook to be a joke or too much of a hassle? The good news is that the new Facebook is not the only Facebook! They still have the old one on their servers because it is not compatible with all Internet browsers and there is a way around it that requires an application. Get your account back in the following steps.

1. Its possible hackers may be behind the application making it have a secondary objective that collects your password info so I recommend having your password on Facebook be unique. Something that you don't use on any other website. Also make sure there isn't any credit card info on there.

2. Go here http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=2345053339 and click add application

3. Then click http://apps.new.facebook.com/?fbnew_opt_out=1

4. Log out your account and back in. Wham there it is!

Having said that, there are some ways to stray off course. Do not click the Check it out now for the New Facebook. It is a trap that will take you back and you'll have to use the opt out link again. Also do not click on any urls that have new.facebook on them. It takes you back over too. There's no telling how long before they'll close this back door too so switch back now. And keep sending feedback to the new Facebook designer Mark Slee.


CGrim said…
New facebook is a design travesty.
Unknown said…
The workaround has already been closed but I'll let you all know if we find anymore.

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