Suicide Tip of the Day

I never thought I’d be writing this. But 19 year old Abraham Biggs committed suicide on Nov 21st with his webcam rolling live on the internet and it wasn’t immediately reported because the viewers thought it was a hoax. By the time the police got there it was too late.

What’s even more unbelievable is this kid has had a history of suicide attempts and he even talked about doing it on the forums prior to the event. The so called moderators on the website where the video was posted on for hours must have been understaffed. But let me lay it out. If someone talks about killing themselves never assume it’s a joke. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I had to notify my ISP in my high school days when someone IMed me saying they were going to kill theirself. The police showed up at his house and I never regretted it. As long as you're not calling 911 over a Subway sandwich you can't get in trouble for false reports. I didn’t even get my homework done that night because I was trying to talk the guy out of it with the praise of my teachers.


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