Traffic Tip of the Day

Sometimes traffic updates every 6 minutes just aren't fast enough. All too often I have heard a traffic update about an accident I'm already stuck in. To hedge off this problems, Google and Yahoo! both have traffic views on their maps applications. But for those of us at Tip O Da Day headquarters in Lexington, KY that feature doesn't work. But if you've listening to NPR, you are sure to have heard about the Lexington Traffic Management Center. NPR isn't getting any sort of special traffic feed from them, they are just reading off the info posted to the LFUCG Traffic Management Center website. So take a quick check before you head out the door in the morning. LFUCG also has a 24 hour traffic hotline (859-258-3611).


JCo said…
The 24 hour traffic hotline has come in handy for me before. If the person that answers the phone can't help you, he/she will find someone who knows.

Great Tip Pete

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