Word Perfect Tip of the Day

If you need to open a .wpd file, the best thing to do is to download AbiWord and it should bring it up. (Though not without the joys of cross file conversions; oddly shaped paragraphs and what-not.) Also, it won't print out properly. Or so it would appear. However, I cut and pasted everything into Word and it looked about 95%. If you need things to be 95%, you got your answer. I don't and so I am going to print out 20 pages and take it over to Kinkos and mail out the document. Fun, eh what? The problem is footnotes don't convert well. They always look odd and could be confused for actual numbers. I don't like this one bit, but there is really nothing that can be done. After working on this project for the better part of two hours I can safely say that Microsoft is evil. (The views of this poster do not necessarily reflect the views of the proprietor of this site.) Microsoft Word will not read .wpd files in Word and they bailed out Corel, who conspicuously removed their Word Perfect from Mac afterwards. Or that is the word on the street.


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