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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Easy-Setup-Pool Tip of the Day III

Setup the filter, and realize you need to add those chemicals you forgot to buy. Run to Lowe's and pickup granular "pool shocking" chemicals. Mix with water in a bucket and "broadcast" into pool.

Drive past a pool store, stop in and ask if that was the right chemical. It wasn't. Dang.

Pickup granular chlorine, and shock it again. Worry that mixing these two chemicals may cause an explosion, or corrode the pool or your skin.

Pickup testing strips and observe the chlorine level is at the highest readable--10, when it's supposed to be 3. "Guess I'll wait a bit..."

Wait until levels are at 3, then place dog in water to see if he disintegrates. Dog is happy, so jump in pool and splash around. Yay! Easy-setup pool setup!

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Blogger Pete said...

(In a super hero pose)Cheddar the test dog, keeping you safe.

08 August, 2007 08:40

Blogger Kris said...

I'm not sure about this animal testing thing! But I'm sure glad Cheddar is happy. And today is Spooky's 7th birthday! He's getting so old! I wonder if I could test a pool out on him? Not sure he'd be so happy...

08 August, 2007 08:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can put Braclay in first if you suspect the water is dangerous to living things.
--Andy's mom

08 August, 2007 16:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

...or Barclay

08 August, 2007 16:16

Blogger JCo said...

So Jay, how long did it take the water to return to the happy number 3?

09 August, 2007 07:18

Blogger Jay said...

Surprisingly not that long! About overnight it became back to normal!

09 August, 2007 18:18


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