Deodorant Tip O Da Day

If you wear the clear gel deodorant, don't think that it means you won't get any on your clothes. You must wait until the deodorant dries before putting on that shirt or you may find wet spots on your shirt that do not dry clear and just proves deodorant is bound and determined to show up on an outfit.


Anonymous said…
You could put the deoderant on after you put the shirt on. R
JCo said…
Unfortunately, I only remember to put my shirt on first about half the I still fight with the pesky deodorant marks.
Jay said…
I find the shirt/deodorant problem to be a bit of a catch-22. I like the solid deodorant, and I've found that if I do deodorant first, marks are inevitable. Shirt first, I forget deodorant. So, I've invented a hybrid. I put my shirt on half way, so it hangs around my neck. Then I put the deodorant on, and carefully put the shirt down. With my shirt on funky, it's a reminder, "Jason, you have to put on your deo."

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