Easy-Setup-Pool Tip of the Day IV

Decide that you need "a few more inches" of water and top off the pool to just over the edge of the inflatable ring. Bad idea.

Wait for the rain to come.

Later, observe what sounds like the coming of a tsunami, or torrential downpour. Look outside to realize that's your pool, not SLOWLY draining, but VERY RAPIDLY draining!

Gallons of water pour through your yard and into your neighbor's.

Go outside in your undees and lift the purging side of the pool an inch or so and draining stops immediately.

Vow to never fill pool above inflatable ring, and vow to always have someone check on your house if you're out of town.


Kris said…
Just when I thought the adventure was over...it continues! How very entertaining! Have you thought about a tent over the pool when you're not using it? Or a tarp of some kind to keep the rain water out?
JCo said…
So Jay, with all these adventures...is the pool worth it?
Jay said…
The jury's still out. I think I'm going to buy the "framed" pool now that it's on clearance for next year. The ghetto one I bought--it's nce for a quick soak, but SUCH a pain!

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