Tree Tip of the Day

The Arbor Day Foundation is excited to exploit the renewable part of renewable resources and will send you 10 trees for becoming a member for $10. Pretty cool deal. Maybe you could go together with some friends because I for one certainly can't fit another 10 trees on my lot.


Kris said…
Forget the amount of space, what about the amount of work and time it takes to plant 10 trees by yourself! Sounds more like a school/class/girlscout/boyscout project to me!
CGrim said…
They're only 6" - 12" tall, so planting shouldn't be too difficult. Still, down the road, most of these trees are gonna be huge. Our yard could probably only fit one or two more small trees.

These might make good Christmas presents for people, though, if they don't mind getting them in late October. :)
Jay said…
I'm going to plant a small forest in my backyard so that it looks GREAT while I'm here, and one day when someone else lives here, "SURPRISE!" Wooded forest!
CGrim said…
ha, I kinda thought (or am thinking) about doing that, too. :)

It will happen for them overnight like that, too...

Surprise, NARNIA!

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