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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Speaker Buying Tip of the Day

When buying computer speakers, since it is near impossible to fine reviews on cheap speakers, you have to find other means of evaluating the quality of the devices. Here is our basic guide, just look for the LED color on the front of one of the speakers:
  • Red LED: These speakers are alright
  • Greed LED: Better than red, but still not your best buy
  • Blue LED: Buy these ones, Blue LED are always a sign of quality products.
Thanks Dave

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Blogger Jay said...

I think this is also true for external hard drives. I've never been displeased by a "blue light" hard drive. It's like that blue light is just an added measure of quality.

05 August, 2007 20:58

Blogger Amanda said...

So stay away from the Red Light District. This goes for more than speakers.

06 August, 2007 16:27

Blogger Citizen Grim said...

It's true. Blue LEDs are a sign of surpassing quality. The only higher form is purple LEDs. Or you can try to achieve the same effect by placing blue LEDs and red LEDs adjacent to each other.

07 August, 2007 10:27


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