Turkey Tip of the Day

Turkey Pepperoni = Better for you and they taste good
Turkey Hot Dogs = Better for you but they taste bland.

Just thought you should know.


CGrim said…
I just recently got a butterball lunchmeat variety pack, which is better for you, and cheaper than regular lunchmeat (use the cents/oz trick).

It consisted of Turkey Ham, regular sliced Turkey, Turkey Bologna, and Turkey Salami. All of which were delicious, and not bland.

The bologna was probably the furthest from the actual product, but most people don't really like the taste of regular bologna anyway, so maybe it's an improvement.
Jules said…
I wholeheartedly agree Peter. Good tip.
Unknown said…
Turkey pepperoni? That's what we should have had on our pizza.
Jay said…
And what's more? Turkey hot dogs turn WHITE on the inside when you cook 'em. Freaked me out. But it's normal, so don't fret.

Also, why did the company call itself "Butterball?" Isn't that a nickname reserved for pudgy kids in middle school?

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