Pedestrian Tip of the Day

OK, memo to Kentucky drivers. Last time I checked, in our fracking commonwealth, pedestrians have the right of way. So try your best not to hit me when you attempt to beat me to the punch making a left turn onto a cross street. I, and runners/walkers of Kentucky really enjoy stopping dead in our tracks to avoid being mauled over while you pretend like you're entitled to do that. Just because you haven't exercised in several years doesn't mean the rest of us should be denied the privilege.

Not to quote Kentucky law or anything, but:

Drivers must yield to pedestrians under the following conditions:
  • When pedestrians are at a marked or unmarked crosswalk and there is no traffic light
  • When turning a corner and pedestrians are crossing with the light
  • In any situation that could threaten the pedestrian’s safety

I think that pretty much covers my bases. That is all.


JCo said…
Sounds like there must be a story associated with this tip.

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