Pizza Tip of the Day

5 Million Frozen Pizzas are being voluntarily recalled. First, I'm kind of surprised there are even 5 million frozen pizzas in the country. It seems like maybe I should have become a frozen food chef because there is obviously some money it. The problem involves something wrong with the pepperonis on the pizzas. As it turns out, instead of the high quality red paint General Mills asked their Chinese manufacturer to paint the pepperonis with, the manufacturer subsisted it for a cheaper red paint containing lead.

Ok, so maybe we can't blame this on communists, but it would be more interesting then the truth, another E. coli scare. What does the "E" stand for anyway?


JCo said…
You mean pepperoni isn't naturally red? It is painted? how crazy. And you have to watch out for those Chinese...seems like they are putting lead in everything.
Jay said…
Why couldn't it be "dyed?" "Painted?" Are you serious? That is SO nasty. Pete, there's a reason I only like cheese pizza!!!
Unknown said…
I posted a tip about ground beef being dyed red to make it look fresh that hasnt been posted yet.

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