McChick Tip of the Day

Tomorrow the 15th, McDonald's is giving away their McChick sandwiches (with the purchase of a medium or large drink, of course). In the afternoon it is a regular bun style sandwich, and in the morning it is a biscuit variant. strikingly similar looking sandwiches
While this these sandwiches are a rip off of Chick-Fil-A, you do have to give McDonald's some points for originality, they put the pickles on the top, instead of the bottom.

Bonus: If you want your coffee cold, stop by Dunkin Donuts for free Iced Coffee Day, which is also tomorrow. With this one there is no purchase necessary.


JCo said…
Great finds Peter! I will be enjoying a chicken sandwich tomorrow and top the day off with an iced coffee!
Unknown said…
Eh why cant they give it for free? I remember when Burger King gave out free french fries after they changed their formula.
Pete said…
I did just learn that they only charge $1 for any size sweet tea, so you can save a few cents that way.

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