Sonic Tip of the Day

Sonic – Americ'a Drive In, is obviously a sucker for praise. One time I noticed on my reciept, that they, like many other places these days, have a phone customer satistfaction survey that they would like you to complete. And instead of entering you in a drawing (lame), it said that I would receive a coupon code for $1 my next visit. I throughly enjoy their sausage breakfast burrito - not the SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito mind you, just the regular one. Unfortunately, its price has risen in recent months, up from $1.29 to $1.89. So I thought, it may be worth the 5 minutes to get the price of this thing under a buck. So I called the number and pressed 1 through 5 of my touch tone phone, it was relatively quick and painless. Happily got my code and the end and used it. Much to my surprise, when I got the receipt for my 94¢ burrito (after tax), there was another invitation to fill out the same survey!

As of this moment, I am on my third dollar off coupon, and plan to eat 94¢ breakfast burritos every Friday for the rest of my life.


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