Shaving Tip of the Day

Guys, do you try to shave every day, but get discouraged because the mirror is so fogged up you can see your face? Sure you do. So here is a tip for you. Try shaving the mirror first. And if you're paranoid about getting the gunk from the mirror on your face, or just ruining the blade, you can leave the little plastic guard on while you shave the mirror. The advantage of this technique over the old use-the-towel-to-wipe-off-the-mirror technique, or better yet the just-use-your-hand technique is that it doesn't leave any streaks. And that means, there is one less thing that looks like it needs cleaning!


Amanda said…
Directing a hairdryer at a mirror also removes fog without streaks.
JCo said…
Great tip my dear and bonus tip Amanda.
Jay said…
Another proposed solution:

Don't shave!

Works for me! (And Matt)

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