Network Camera Tip of the Day

This has got to be the best tip I've given out by far. A company called Axis Communications is a popular vendor of security cameras. They have a web interface to allow their owners, and if they make it available, you to view what is going on. Type this into Google to see for yourself. "inurl:/view/index.shtml" without the quotes. A lot of them are traffic cams but I found some others. When it asks you to install the Axis software say yes. It is needed to give you the live streams. Some have 4 viewports and if there's more than 1 camera on a location you can change the source camera. If its asks you for a username just click cancel. Some are slow and some are fast. The fast ones are the ones only worth viewing. Below are some of my favorites that I'm going to be keeping an eye on. I havent time to view them all because I suspect most of the activity takes place during business hours. Most of them are probably traffic or people commuting to classes. I saw 6 guys in the classroom one during the day.

Grand Valley State University
Athens State University
NC State Commons Traffic Cam
Lexington, KY

Lets just hope banks don't use these. Also don't go viewing more than 10 pages at once on Google or they willthink your computer is sending automated requests through spyware.


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