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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Strollers Tip of the Day

First they have us picking up their poop. Now, evidently, if your pet is a pretty boy/girl and actually going for a walk is too much physical excursion for him/her. You can pamper spoil push your pet around on your walks in a Pet Strollers. Starting at "just" $70.


Blogger The Keiser said...

Our civilazation is doomed. Didn't Rome develop something like this just before they were sacked?

30 November, 2006 11:27

Blogger Jay said...

GAH! Get your fat dog out of the stroller and make him work for his food!

30 November, 2006 16:16

Blogger The Keiser said...

Civilization, civilization. Dad-flatchit.

01 December, 2006 11:58


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