Customer Support Tip of the Day

Thor was on the phone with rebate support. And he learned this very important lesson: - "Now that we have your information, someone will call you very very shortly".

Thor - "by very shortly do you mean a few days or a few minutes?" - "I mean a few weeks"


Jay said…
Yes, Amazon operates using a very different time continuum than the rest of the United States. I recently ordered from one of their partners and only had "expedited" shipping options. In my vernacular, "expedited" means "hurried along, sped up, quick, or at least faster than 4th class mail." Well, according to them, a "mere 10 business days" is not that long, and the product was delivered as promised. 10 business day?! Even on a slow boat from China, 4th class mail only takes 6! Poop on Amazon.
Pete said…
"expedited" really means "an excuse to charge people more if they haven't planned ahead by a full 2 weeks"
Pete said…
Could you explain? We used to have Google text ads, but those were more hassle than they're worth. We don't have any links at all in this post. Just mean references to
Pete said…
Ya, that's smart. I wish I could take credit for it.

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