Free Tip of the Day

If you go to Chipotle dressed as a burrito, and they give you a free burrito! So break out the Aluminum foil folks! It's burrito time!


Amanda said…
Why has no one told me this before?!?!?
vander said…
It can be really embarrassing. I had this one friend who kept getting free burritos..she didn't know why, and we finally had to tell her that it was because she was fashioning her clothes out of tinfoil. Totally embarrassing.
Pete said…
Chipotle really likes to put theirs in foil for some reason. Maybe it keeps them warmer or makes them more reflective.
Jay said…
OK guys--I have a plan. I'm officially organizing an event-- The great burrito dress-up! Let's ALL go to Chipotle dressed as a burrito! After Thanksgiving sometime!

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