Signature Tip of the Weekend

So the cool new thing is to have a snazzy picture of you, or a scanned in version of your signature, or your cat's paw print, as your "signature" at the end of your email. But the uncool thing to do is to attach it as a file. No one wants 100 8k gifs filling up their email box. So do what the really cool kids do is just link an image into their email signature. Its not attached, and you go and save everyone space.


Jay said…
As someone who once sent out tons of 30K attachments, I attest this tip is a good one. I'm not saying it was EASY to make it work--it definitely required a little strife, but that was largely due to the fact that I didn't read all the instructions, and tried to do it myself. (That usually gets me into trouble.) Additionally, rudimentary knowledge of HTML and/or CSS is required, unless you find some templates.

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