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Monday, January 22, 2007

Ski Tip of the Day

When skiing in Europe, I've found a slightly different experience than anything I've tried in the US. Yes, they still have the nice 4-seater chair lifts that will take you up the highest peaks. Yes they still have lifts that you don't sit on, but rather you are pushed up the hill on the easier slopes. However, their lifts are quite different. There are no T-lifts or J-bars. There is only a small disc. You simply place this disc between your legs, and hang on tight, and it will pull you to the top. Now, there are many ways to fall off, and many people, mostly little kids and snowboarders, do fall off well before getting to the top. My tip? When you reach the top, you do have to remember to let go...


Blogger Kris said...

Yes, that picture is Phil...I intended to get a nice picture of him smoothly sailing off the lift, but to my surprise, he opted for the lesser known method of lift dismount...not letting go!

22 January, 2007 16:18

Blogger Jay said...

That would've totally been me too. Actually, I would've ended up wrapped around the lift, the pole, the skis and probably broken something.

22 January, 2007 17:08

Anonymous Jeka said...

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24 January, 2007 02:56


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