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Monday, July 09, 2007

Microwave Cleaning Tip of the Day

An easy way to clean your microwave is to put water into a bowl and put it in for several minutes. This water will evaporate, making the caked-on food particles easier to remove.



Blogger Citizen Grim said...

Oooh, supplemental tip: if your microwave smells really bad, stick a half-cup of coffee grounds in that bowl of water as you microwave it, and it will diffuse any lingering malodorous substances in the microwave (and the vents), with a subtle hint of fresh-brewed coffee.

11 July, 2007 10:21

Blogger JCo said...

Nice trips guys. And to continue on with the microwave tips...if you are a slow eater, microwave your plate (only your plate) before placing your grub on it and the food will stay warmer longer and you can slowly enjoy dinner.

11 July, 2007 10:50

Blogger Citizen Grim said...

I wonder what people who actually eat grubs use as a slang word for food.

11 July, 2007 12:12


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