Summer Tip of the Day

If you are a teacher/student and choose not to work in the summer, here are some productive things you can do to occupy your time:
  • Clean the Microwave
  • Scrape paint off the front door
  • Exercise
  • Knit a dish rag
  • Paint your bathroom
And here are some fun things you can do:
  • Meet friends for lunch
  • Read a book
  • Shopping
  • Watch a movie
  • Take a trip


Amanda said…
I've done all those this summer except knit a dishrag...I need to get on that.

And, if I go shopping today, I've done all the fun things on this trip to TN.
JCo said…
What color did you paint your bathroom?
Amanda said…
Green. I really like it though I am sure I will never become a professional :).

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