Pet Tip of the Day

Looking for a great pet? Get yourself a fennec fox! (The prior statement has not been evaluated by the FDA). These little bundles of joy remind me of a cat mixed with a dog. What do you think? Perfect playmate for Cheddar? They're called fennec foxes. And you thought your ears were big.

Listen to the cute noise it makes here:

[Ed note: Speaking of pets remember today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-fil-a]


JCo said…
These things are so intriguing...I love those ears and Pablo...well, let's just say the fox noises made him curious...imagine head tilt one way, then the other way, and back the first way and so on for the entire video!
Jay said…
I think Pabs and Ched would love one. We should see if we can rent one somewhere to test it out. :-)
CGrim said…
Ah yes, maybe at Rent-A-Fennec

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