German Living Tip of the Day Part 4

So, you're in Germany and you don't want to be spotted as an American right away. There are a few simple things you can do. First, your shoes are a dead give away. Ditch the brand name. The simpler the better, no running shoes. In fact, those shoes that would just slip on your feet with the elastic on the side, perhaps a checkered pattern on them, those are quite the trend over here. Second, the crazier the hair color the better. I've seen women walking down the street each with a stroller, and each with different, unnatural hair highlights. How you dress is important. Definitely dress like you're not trying to fit in. Guys, sagging the pants will not work, that's an obvious American thing. Carry Euros, because like I said, the credit cards aren't excepted everywhere because Germans don't use them. Of course, as soon as you go to order, the jig will be up (at least between you and your waitress). Oh, and make sure to stare at people as they walk by. It's a cultural thing...Germans like to stare. And, if they say something quick to you that seems like a greeting, say "Tag", it's short for Gutentag, or good day, but it's just day, like we use 'morning' when we say good morning. It's slang and short, so you'll totally fit in!


JCo said…
K-Ris, Sounds like you are picking up the Germans peculiarities quite well. The question is, can you switch back and forth from local German to American?
Kris said…
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Kris said…
All but the crazy hair colors, Jen! I think if I start doing that, switching back will not be quite as instantaneous! Unless...perhaps I could get some of those crazy clip in hair colors.

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