Anti-SPAM Tip of the Day

Just got an email from what appeared to be an online greeting card company. They have me click on a link to view the card, and then when I get there, they claim "We are currently testing a new browser feature. If you are not able to view this ecard, please click here" Well that link is to an .exe file. Hum, fishy. This message is SPAM which is trying to install a some sort of malware on my computer. Here are some signs that gave it away:
  • It said "Your class mate has sent you a greeting ecard". "Classmate" should we one word. Also it never gives the person's name who supposedly sent me this card.
  • It says the email is from "greet2k.Com", but the actual email address is
  • It links to, which is just a random IP address, a real card company would have you link to their actual website address.
  • It wants me to download an ".exe" which in the Windows world is a program. Programs can do all sorts of nasty stuff if they're designed too
Luckily, I'm on a Mac, so even if I downloaded an ".exe" it wouldn't do anything!


Anonymous said…
I believe the mal from malware comes from malicious.

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