Evil Scuba-ers Tip of the Day

Do you know someone who suddenly took up an interest in scuba with little or no warning? Be careful! They could be terrorists!

Here are some signs the FBI says to look out for:
- Desire to learn how to swim in murky water
- How to swim up pipes
- How to be towed while in the water
- Pays for lessons in cash
- Declines to give personal information
- Writes amusing quotes in a little notebook


Unknown said…
Innocent until proven guilty. The FBI will be wasting some time with avid swimmers to weed out the guilty ones. Might as well add Arab to the list.
Amanda said…
Jay, we're busted! But in our defense...

We're in KY, what water isn't murky?!?

You never know when you'll be stuck in a sewage pipe.

Being towed in water is a standard activity to pass open water certification.

Dave Ramsey suggests using cash all the time.

Why do they need to know anything about me? THEY could be stalkers. Is it really important to have my SS# on every document?

"amusing quotes"-I used that one to get you off my scent. Apparently, I failed.

Citizen Grim saves the world once again [insert theme music]

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