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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tailoring Tip of the Day

As many of you know, mens' dress shirts are sized by a neck measurement. This works great for your neck, but if you're one of the rare Americans who isn't obese, a shirt that fits around your neck will probably be heinously large around your mid-section. Some shirt manufacturers offer an "athletic fit," but often this fit is hard to come by. In the event that you're stuck wearing a too-baggy-in-the-midsection shirt, follow this video tutorial for how to effortlessly tailor your own shirts, brought to you by Consumerist.com, via Fowler.

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Blogger Cherie said...

Don't forget that tomorrow is Cow Appreciation Day @ Chikfila!

12 July, 2007 14:11

Blogger Pete said...

The only problem is you'd have less then professional seems that may come out easily. But if you could only find a friend with a serger you'd ba all set!

23 July, 2007 10:52


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