e-Grocery Tip of the Day

Need to restock your pantry, but can't muster the motivation it would require to get up and go to one of the twelve Krogers that are within walking distance of your house? Never fear! With each passing day, the internet is making it easier and easier to be as lazy as you wish. The grocery section of Amazon.com is in beta testing now, offering brands from Betty Crocker to Bear Naked.

Of course, sometimes you may have to settle for off-brands, but at least you can avoid any unnecessary social awkwardness.


CGrim said…
Quite the contrary, I am also a fan of the following supermarkets:


and the cream of the crop:
JCo said…
Personally...I am a Giant Eagle fan.
Kris said…
I'll take Walmart any day! Especially the super Walmart!
Amanda said…
I must agree with Kris - walmart rocks.

There are also the Piggly Wigglies, and HEB (a store in TX)
Pete said…
Those of you who like Wal-Mart have obviously never been the one nearest my house.

I'll put my vote towards Publix.
Jules said…
I'll place a vote for Giant Eagle, too, JMo. Or, as the Webers still call it to this day, Giggle Iggle.

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