Tuna Fish Tip of the Day

This tip reminds me of a joke that needs to be added to Pete's "Bad Joke Night Queue." It goes something like this: "Why don't fish like to play musical instruments? Because you can tune a piano, but you can't 'tuna fish.'" I know, I'm hilarious. But, there is a real tip here. Be careful when making a tuna melt. You may be thinking, "Gosh, Jay, making a tuna melt is so easy," and typically it is. But about as soon as you say that, the tuna will have its revenge on you. You see, whether albacore, dolphin-safe, bumblebee, chicken of the sea, packed in water, or oil, tuna does NOT like being confined (by the way, that's not our first photo posted from "LimberMen.com) to those pesky little cans. So, once you free all the little tunas, they may opt to jump at you, much like flying fish. You see, tuna, being all light and fluffy, has a tendency to scintillatingly "POP" whilst touching a hot pan. So when you're lackadaisically searing your tasty treat, any tuna escapees will be trying to jump out of the pan, and into your eye. Now, don't blame the tuna. It's really not his/her fault. (S)he kinda had a rough life. So, let 'em jump around a bit, but just be careful. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Amanda said…
I think that it should be the last picture from the limbermen.com as well...very disturbing.

And, what happened to Wednesday's tip?
Pete said…
Now that first picture was a great find. An actual picture of someone tuning a fish like a musical instrument.
CGrim said…
I've found that salmon is a great substitute for tuna, if you're looking for a little variety. It even sounds a little more elegant

tuna patties -> salmon patties
tuna helper -> salmon helper
tuna melt -> salmon melt (which sounds utterly fantastic)


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