Oreo® Tip of the Day

Welcome to Corporate Week™ here at Tip O Da Day. And to make it extra special we're starting this week with a Double Stuf™ 2-for-1* tip.

I think I've discovered the perfect way to dunk an Oreo. It's perfect for maximum milk-loggedness as well as providing the least finger-to-milk contact. Additionally, it assures you get the perfect size bite of precious chocolate wafer cookie. First, start with your cookie facing you so you can read the work "Oreo" on one side. With the word "Oreo" right reading, dip the cookie in, only to the middle of the baseline of the text. Soak for about 20 seconds. Bite off the milk-logged section, chew, enjoy. Now you're left with a veritable "half-moon" Oreo. Grab the half-moon by the tippy tippy top corner. (Because the tippy top is so small, you can make contact with only a tiny portion of the cookie. Dip it in longways. You'll find that almost the entire cookie got a milky bath and your fingers remain delightfully untainted by dairy drippings. (ew). Do be careful, though that you don't squeeze the half-moon too tightly. This could rupture the cookie from its filling, causing a disastrous dislodge to the bottom of your milk cup. Then you're left with Oreo sludge in the bottom. If this happens, rinse your glass IMMEDIATELY because if the sludge dries to your cup, it will NEVER come off.

I think I've discovered the perfect way to dunk an Oreo. You've got to dunk it like a mob boss. First, make sure your milk level in your glass (or mug as I perfer to use) is deep enough to cover the entire Oreo. Next, dunk the Oreo, but don't worry about getting your fingers wet. Make sure you have plenty of paper towels on hand, cause this will get a little messy. Dunk that Oreo down, way down, make sure it is completely covered. Now here is where the mob boss part comes in. Hold the cookie down there untill the bubbles stop. That way you know its completely dead. When the bubbles stop imedially remove the Oreo from its milky grave. Your cookie should now be throughly drenched, and be super soggy, but not too soggy that it will actually fall apart. Now all you have left to do is "dispose" of the body.


Jay said…
I love "dispose of the body." Classic. Mob Boss. Awesome.
Stephanie said…
You guys have me in stitches. :-)

I agree with Jay on the body disposal. And the part about the cookie rupturing was especially graphic. You guys get an "A" for imagery.

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