Casino Tip of the Day

Apparently, the state of New Jersey enjoys creating casinos that my beautiful girlfriend refers to as "Chuckie Cheese for Adults." Rather than gamble your money away with the hopes of cold hard cash, you crank away at the nickel slots for the chance to redeem your tokens for kitchy, overpriced nick-nacks like a 3 million token $80 boom box, or a 450,000 token Steelers towel. So, if you're in one of these heinously seizure-inducing places with a Grandma whose won nearly 9,000 tokens, you may think you'll get a great prize. But, you'll probably only have a prize with about an $8 value. So, do what my brother did and say this: "I'll take the at-home casino game, and give me the rest in dog poop." You'll leave with about 3 pieces of fake poo, each worth 450 points!


Pete said…
LOL, this is a great story.

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